Hey, give your dog a break.

Or have an experienced Dog Walker do it for you!


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed


Professional Services

We recognize your dog is special.

Every dog is unique and has their own special needs for their walk. We focus on your dog, while you focus on your work or your studies. After just 1-2 walks, we'll come up with a specially tailored walk plan for your dog to provide them with the perfect ratio of play/walk/exercise they need to get through their mid-day slump. 

Detailed Walk Summaries

We keep you in the loop.

You don't have to wonder what your dog is up to on their walk, we'll tell you everything. We use intelligent tracking software for providing real-time information about the route we take and important events, like where/how often your dog uses the bathroom. You'll receive an email after each walk containing a full summary of everything you need to know about your dog's walk. 

Healthy, Happy Dog

We treat your dog like one of our own.

30 minutes of daily outdoor exercise gives your dog the mental stimulation, physical exercise, and socialization they need to be your happy, well-behaved companions. We believe that your dog needs a good mix of positivity and consistency, and we like to give them both using lots of treats and focused play. 

Image by Tom Hills

Our Services

  • All the essentials your canine companion needs while you're away

    30 min

    17 US dollars
  • Great for high-energy dogs that need to burn off some serious energy

    50 min

    22 US dollars


What Our Customers Think

"Kayden is an awesome fit for Draco. He has been walking Draco for several months now, and we are thankful that we've found such a loving and reliable dog walker for Draco!"

Alexandra S.

"For years I struggled to find a reliable dog walker, when I found MorganDog and spoke to Kayden, he was able to provide a reliable and very affordable service for walking my dogs with my busy schedule. So thankful to finally have someone 100% dedicated and flexible with my schedule !!"

Tony P.

"Kayden was excellent with my coonhound Lucille! He responded immediately and we were able to arrange a meet and greet the same evening. Lucille is a large/strong dog and can be difficult on walks, but Kayden handled her well. He updated with pictures on each visit. I will definitely use him in the future!"

Lindsay B.